Buddhist Pilgrimage Group From Hong Kong
Ms. Dace Stezkina With Friends
Ms. Stezkina’s Group
Ms. Vivian Chen With Friends
Ms. Kenesvida Nuera, Ms. Corazon Dacoroon, Ms. Carol Dacoroon & Mr. Loreto JR Dacoroon From Philippines
Mr. Ľubomír Ďurica and His Wife From Slovakia
Mr. Ryan and Ms. Mary From USA
Mrs. Ellis From USA
Camilla, Thea, Anne, and Anke From Norway
Mr. Mohanbir Sawhney With His Wife From USA
Mr. Ryan With His Wife and Friends From Australia
Mr. David Lankester and His Wife From UK
Mr. Misha, Ms. Fei, Ms. Yang From UK & China
Mr. Patrick Eckert & His Family From Dubai
Mr. Paul Eskew and His Girl Friend From USA
Mr. Peter Thuroczy and Wife From Australia
Mr. Aladdin Fathi Ali With His Wife From Egypt
Mr. Geoffrey Naughton & Mrs. Veronica Naughton From Australia
Mr. Kostroun and His Wife From Czech Republic
Mr. Jeffrey Cosiol & Mrs Ana Zadoff From Australia
Mrs. Andrea Giddey & Her Husband From Switzerland
Mrs. Jill Dickinson with Mr. Bradley Dickinson From Australia
Mrs. Sue Maplesden With Her Friend From UK
Ms. Alina & Ms Loredana From Dubai
Ms. Heike Kavanagh and Her Two Sons From Australia
Ms. Kenesvida Nuera, Ms. Corazon Dacoroon, Ms. Carol Dacoroon & Mr. Loreto JR Dacoroon From Philippines
Ms. Marlee Hutchings With Her Husband From Canada
Ms. Phoebe Conner With Her Friend From UK
Ms. Teresa and Mr. Martin Crawley From UK
Mrs. Parsa Sanjana and Family From USA
Mr. Adam Garrard & Family From Singapore
Mr. Karan Eddie Jaggi and His Fiancee From UAE
Mr. Zhiwei Deng With Friends From China
Mr. Henrik Arnaa and His Family From Denmark
Mr. Laksmi Narayanan & His Family From India
Mr. Zhiwei Deng From China
Mr. Sugumaran and His Family From Malaysia

“We safely landed in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you very much for assisting us throughout the trip. The trip was enjoyable and went as planned. Overall we are very much satisfied with your feedback before the trip and also during the trip. We can rate your company as excellent. Thank you again, hope for the best for your company and also on your personal wellbeing.”


“What an amazing experience we had!!! This tour was beyond our expectation levels and truly it was a momentous trip. Thank you for the extended support and guidance throughout. Good luck!”


“Entire tour was chilling and words cannot express our contentment. All the family members enjoyed and the services were excellent. Our trip wouldn’t have been this successful without your extended support throughout. Wishing you all the best!”


“How could we appreciate you enough to compare to the guidance we got throughout the trip? The well-organized tour is honestly beyond our satisfaction. We would certainly recommend you among experienced hospitality.”


“This was an amazing escape to all of us. We enjoyed every opportunity we were given. The food, accommodation and services were great! Especially the diversified tour designing should be admired. Well done!”


“Your guidance from the time we stepped in until the departure was amazing. It was wonderful to meet generous people. The jeep safari was exciting and awesome. This would be in our hearts forever. Thank you all very much!”


“Having been to Sri Lanka before but only on the coast it was a wonderful surprise to visit the interior. Our itinerary was well organised and we were able to explore the beauty and history of Sri Lanka’s rich culture. Our hotels were absolutely wonderful and the trip certainly is as advertised – one of luxury. We had very little to do other than sit back and relax as our driver Tharaka took care of everything including booking into our rooms. Upon arrival at each hotel we were greeted with a refreshing towel and a drink which was most welcome. Our driver was very knowledgeable and his language skills were excellent, often stopping to allow us to take photos or to explain some element of what we were viewing. Nothing was too much trouble which gave us a great sense of safety and reassurance. A wonderful tour well organised and full of surprises.”

Garry and Sue McDonald